Monday, November 18, 2019

IP Auto: 1997 Collector's Choice Steve Finley

No, I didn't personally get this auto in person, but it is an IP auto I won on eBay last week for $1.25 shipped. 

Non pack-issued Steve Finley autos aren't hard to come by, but they aren't super plentiful either. So when one pops up on eBay, I will give it a once over and decide pretty quickly whether it's one I may want to add to my collection. 

For some reason, this one stood out to me as one I may want to have. I think initially it was the super low price point, but then I realized that I like the image, design, the white border, and the sharp auto. 

The other thing I just noticed while writing this is that I didn't previously have an auto of Finley in a Padres uniform, which means by default I'm starting another project to collect an autograph card of Finley for each of the teams he played for. Wish me luck. 

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