Saturday, February 2, 2019

TCDB Transaction - SetShot68

Another 2018 Heritage-exclusive trade on the Trading Card Database. This time though, it included a nice bat relic of Goldy to go into my Paul Goldschmidt PC. 

Topps decided to go all out with Goldschmidt cards this year, especially in 2018 Heritage. Both the regular and the High Number sets include Goldy Clubhouse Collections Relics.

Slow and steady is my approach to finishing this set, as there are 125 Short Prints. A 3.2% increase in SP in one trade is quite the feat, however!

Neil Walker kind of looks like Nick Swisher in that photo. Weird...

This was my 93rd trade complete on TCDB and my 3rd of 2019.

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  1. Neil looked so much like Nick that I didn't even notice that it wasn't until you mentioned it!