Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Trader's Log: Royals and Randoms

Josh D. over at Royals and Randoms shot me an email in November of last year saying he had a PWE of cards to send my way. He and I both forgot about the correspondence, and understandably so considering the time of year. 

Fast forward a few months, (late February/early March) a sizable package of cards comes in the mail from Josh with a note:

The PWE turned into bricks of stuffed team bags containing Dbacks galore. Here are a just a few selected highlights of what he sent, sorted by player.

I regularly get so many Randy Johnson cards from trades and packages alone, I recently had to designate a 300 count box just for his cards, not that I'm complaining or anything. Once it's filled (and it's getting pretty darn close) I'll set aside a special time to sort, catalog, and store them. 

My Schilling collection has also grown considerably as of late. I don't actively collect him, although I do want to add an auto of his for my eventual 2001 World Series Champions autograph project. 

This stack of Gonzo was really fun to go through as most of them were new to my collection. I particularly like the UD Vintage and 2003 Chrome cards.

Old man Williams was also included in the package. UD Ionix is a set I've been eyeing to build, but the boxes still go for a hefty $90. I guess I'll have to wait to come across some singles at a card show.

I don't seem to come by Gracie cards as much as the aforementioned players, so it's always neat to get a few every once in a while. 

These were assorted highlights of either cards I thought were cool or players I PC. 

All of these Goldy's were new to my collection. The Chips are pretty interesting and actually heavy duty. I'm not sure where/how to store them.

A great package is always sprinkled with a few Finleys. Again, I love 2003 Chrome. I'm still working on completing that rainbow. Just need the silver refractor parallel and the uncirculated X-Fractor.

And the two relics of the package include a beautiful white jersey swatch of Finley I needed for the PC and an awesome bat relic of Gonzo with the Dbacks logo etched in. 

Thanks so much for the package, Josh! 

Thanks for reading!