Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Christmas Vacation LCS Pickups - Part 1

During my time off this past Christmas, I went back to my roots in Phoenix, Arizona to visit family. While there, I had the opportunity to check out three different card shops. 

Each shop was much different from the other, and I managed to find something at each to fit into my collection. 

The first was very small and owned by an older gentleman who seemed to keep the place open through strong customer relationships, selling boxes of new product, and holding regular in-person card auctions and other small events. 

I'm usually on the hunt for singles, so this shop didn't have much to offer for what I was looking for. Fortunately for me though, I was in D'backs territory so I knew my odds of finding some treasures were at least decent. After a few minutes of perusing, I found tucked away on a shelf an old box of D'backs autos and relics. 

Originally listed for $5 a piece, I picked out just a few even though I would've easily grabbed most of what was in the box since they fit right into my niche of early 2000s D'backs. When I brought the cards to the counter to check out, the owner only wanted $3 a piece. It turned out to be a pretty good deal and I was happy to support an LCS.

Here's what I grabbed.

2005 Topps Retired Signature Edition Auto of the 2001 World Champion Manager, Bob Brenly.

This was a pretty neat find and a perfect addition to my 2001 World Series Champions Auto Project. I didn't know this card existed and was wondering how I was going to obtain an Bob Brenly auto. Finds like this are what make box searches so fun. 

This card also came in one of those "uncirculated" holders. The holder was pretty beat up, so I broke it out and placed it in a new top loader.

2003 Playoff Piece of the Game /100
My lone Steve Finley find at this card shop was a new addition to the PC. It pairs nicely with a nearly identical relic from 2003 Playoff Absolute. The only difference being the color in the upper-left part of the card.

2002 Upper Deck Diamond Connection /775
I didn't notice at first when I flipped past this card that Gracie had signed this relic from 2002 Upper Deck Diamond Connection. When I came back through the box a second time to reconsider I then noticed the silver ink and set it aside. Another feature I didn't notice right away was the blue swatch. I guess Upper Deck was trying to get rid of Grace's leftover Cubs material, or they hadn't yet acquired anything from him after joining the Dbacks a year earlier.

For $5, which turned out to be $3, I couldn't pass up my first Mark Grace auto even though it's not certified. This was a steal in my opinion. Mark Grace autos don't go for cheap on cards featuring him in a Dbacks uniform and I've been wanting to add one to the 2001 WS Champs autograph project for a while now. This will do as a nice placeholder until I find an upgrade.

2002 Flair Power Tools Dual Bats
Reggie Sanders didn't like to stick around on any one team for too long. He was usually a one-and-done kind of guy. He managed to time his time with the Dbacks just right in 2001. He payed his dues, got his ring and moved on, which is why it's really hard to find cards featuring him in a Dbacks uniform, much less a game used relic. 

I had been eyeing this card on COMC and debated picking it up during the Black Friday sale, but declined because the price wasn't right for me. I'm glad I held out because $3 beat all of the prices I saw between COMC and eBay. 

2001 Pacific Private Sock Game Used Gear
This card was a no-doubter. As soon as I saw it, I set it aside. I have been actively chasing down all the Dbacks from this set, hoping to complete it in 2019. Finding this particular card from the set was a pleasant surprise since it's not listed on COMC and the only copy available on eBay is priced too high. So for $3, it was another win.

$15 and a few minutes after stepping into the modest card shop, I walked away with five quality additions to my Dbacks PC.

The next two shops I stopped in offered up some more exciting and unique finds. Let's just say I ventured out of my card-collecting comfort zone and walked away with some much bigger items. Stay tuned!


  1. I love it when people get relic cards signed, it really spices up what often are fairly boring cards.

    1. Agreed! Two of my most cherished items are relic cards signed by an auto driver that since was killed in an on-track incident.

  2. As an autograph guy... I love the Grace and Brenly signatures! Great LCS pickups! Can't wait to see these bigger items.