Friday, January 11, 2019

Box Bustin': 2003 Topps Chrome Series 2

Like most collectors, the box busting itch once again snuck up on me and it needed a scratch. 

This time around I found a hobby box of one of my all time favorite Chrome sets: 2003 Topps Chrome Series 2. 

I enjoy the process that comes with opening a box of cards: ripping open the individual packs, sorting the cards, checking the odds of inserts and parallels, reading the backs, admiring the photography and design, deciding which cards fit into my collection and then seeing if the remaining cards meet other collectors' needs.

This box turned out to be a fun one. It included a total of 97 cards at 24 packs, 4 cards per pack and 1 pack containing an uncirculated X-Fractor.

Here are some notable base from the box to include some HOFers and fan favorites. One thing to highlight from this box is that there was not a single Diamondbacks card!

The box included five refractors seeded at 1 in every 5 packs. These cards are numbered to 699.

I didn't pull anything spectacular in this category. I do have a track record of pulling A.J. Burnett parallels from packs, so if anyone happens to PC him, let me know because I've got quite a bit of his stuff.

Ironically, Series 2 boxes come with one more Gold Refractor than the Base Refractor. Seeded at one in every four packs, this box contained 6 Gold Refractors. These cards are limited to 449 copies. The turnout was a little better for the Gold with the Jose Reyes RC.

The lone Black Refractor, numbered to 199 and seeded at 1 in 17 packs (basically one per box) was of a player I never heard of. Nevertheless, it's a great looking card with the combination of that black border and refractor shine.

The uncirculated X-Fractor was also a bit of a bust. These cards come in their own packs and come one in every box. Each X-Fractor from Series 2 is numbered to 57. I wonder why that number was chosen...

Holding out hope that the guaranteed relic card would at least be of a star player, this box came through and then some. After pulling this Albert Pujols Red Back Bat Relic, I looked up the odds and found that this is in fact the 3rd most difficult card to pull in the entire 2003 Chrome Series 2 set. It's seeded at 1:383 packs. The only cards rarer than this one are a Adam Dunn Blue Back Jersey Relic (1:662 packs) and a Dennis Eckersley Record Breakers Jersey Relic (1:1707 packs).

So I basically pulled a case hit. How cool is that?!

What a fun box break. As much as I love this set, I'm not looking to collect the base set or any parallels outside of Dbacks players, which I didn't pull anything of - go figure.

All of the cards (save the Griffey, Edmonds, and Pujols relic) are currently available for trade on my TCDB, so check it out if you're interested!

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  1. That does look like it would be a fun box to open! I love the refractors, especially the variety of colors in each box.

  2. Nice Pujols pull! Bummer you didnt get any D-backs, but hopefully you can trade for some with your new bait.

  3. Congratulations on the Pujols! Pulling that Bullington back in 2003 would have been really nice too. He was the #1 pick in the draft back in 2002.

  4. Great set. This is what got me back in to collecting.