Tuesday, November 14, 2017

2015 Heritage Set Build - Taming the Beast

Man, this set is awesome. The closer I get to completing it, the more and more I like it. I have officially breached the 90% threshold with one of the most expensive cards from the set:

I paid about the price of two hobby packs to get it, but I felt justified in doing so. At least I was able to pull the Kris Bryant and Carlos Correa RCs from packs when the product was still new. Now I just need to get my hands on that pesky Francisco Lindor RC SP...

I've only got a handful of cards left on my wantlist from 2015 Heritage! If you have any and want to make a trade, you can check out my wantlist HERE or add me on the Trading Card Database and check out my wantlist there. I'm adding more and more cards to my "For Trade" pages and also have stacks of cards I'm looking to pass on to fellow collectors as a part of my collection overhaul mentioned in a Previous Post.

Thanks for reading!

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