Saturday, April 8, 2017

Trader's Log: My Cardboard Habit

Judson from My Cardboard Habit is a fellow Topps Heritage enthusiast, and we recently engaged in a friendly trade to help each other chip away at our want lists. I sent a few meager cards that I had from his list, and he completed the trade a few days later by annihilating my wantlist with a 400 card box stuffed with Heritage and Gypsy Queen.


Here are the before and after stats:

Gypsy Queen N174
Before:3/15 - 20% Complete
After: 12/15 - 80% Complete

2017 Topps Heritage
Before: 105/500 - 21% Complete
After: 337/500 - 67.4% Complete

2016 Topps Heritage
Before: 455/725 - 62.7% Complete
After: 460/725 - 63.4% Complete

2015 Topps Heritage
Before: 511/725 - 70.4% Complete
After: 585/725 - 80.7% Complete

I can finally start to see the finish line on some of these sets thanks to Judson.

Thanks so much for the trade, Judson!

Thanks for reading.

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