Thursday, March 2, 2017

Trader's Log: Addiction As Therapy (Part 2)

Adam from Addiction As Therapy hit me up out of the blue, awaking me from my card blogging slumber. He had some cards to send my way, so we worked out a cordial trade.

Let's check it out:

Many great cards I needed for my Dbacks Topps Gold project and Goldschmidt PC. The card in the upper left is a 2016 Topps base black parallel of Socrates "Burrito" Brito numbered to 65.

2004 Heritage for my Dbacks Heritage collection. Adam and I are both Topps Heritage enthusiasts.

Adam finished the package off with some really nice minis. I finally have enough Dbacks minis to fill one of my 15 pocket pages.

Thanks for the cards, Adam.

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