Thursday, March 23, 2017

First NPN Submission of 2017

I sent out my first stamped #10 envelope to Topps this year with the hopes of being drawn for an insert from 2017 Topps Heritage.

I began participating in No Purchase Necessary (NPN) drawings around the same time I began blogging and I have done fairly well. Even if the card isn't of a star player it's still fun to receive a "free" card from Topps in the mail. For last year's Heritage drawing I got a Prince Fielder SP. For the Heritage High Number drawing I think I got a Rookie Performers insert of Trayce Thompson - not sure though.

 The rules state that only one entry per household is allowed, but I'm wondering if I submitted for both groups that I would be put in for separate drawings and thus have a chance at winning two cards....nah, I won't get greedy.

I purchased one blaster box and one hanger pack of 2017 Heritage so far this year and noticed the NPN addressees are different. The image above is from a blaster box pack and designated "GROUP 1". The hanger pack is designated "GROUP 10". 10 groups? Unless there is some other pack form I'm not aware of, here are all the ways I believe Heritage is packaged:
1. Hobby
2. Walmart Blaster
3. Walmart Hanger Pack
4. Walmart Hanger Box
5. Target Blaster
6. Target Hanger Pack
7. Target Hanger Box

I put the envelope in the mail on 23 March 2017. I'll have a follow-up post when or if I do receive a card from the drawing.

Thanks for reading!

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