Friday, March 3, 2017

2015 Topps Finest Paul Goldschmidt Short Print

This card has eluded me since...well...forever. In fact, I never even knew it existed until it popped up on eBay just recently. And I considered myself on the verge of becoming a Goldy super collector...I'll have to rethink that. The reason I had never seen it among my countless searches for Paul Goldschmidt cards is because it is a short print (SP) from 2015 Finest. It is apparently the first year Topps included SPs in the Finest checklist. Cool.

I couldn't find the print run on the SPs from this set, but I can probably guess they're somewhere in the ballpark of 100 copies or less since the refractors are numbered only to 25.

I researched the card after finding it on the Bay and concluded that it may be my only chance for a very long time to nab one for my collection. I won it for more than I am admittedly comfortable with (I've won a few of his autograph cards for less).

Either way, it's now in my Goldy PC and looks good. I really like the look of 2015 Finest - I think it's the atomic-ish refractor-ish background that makes them cool to me. The font, placement, and orientation for the name could have been a little bit better, but hey, Topps employees have deadlines too, and as we've all seen their quality control isn't the greatest, so just slap the players name somewhere and call it good.

Side Note - Topps used the same photo in the 2014 Topps High Tek set.

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