Saturday, August 13, 2016

National Baseball Card Day 2016

Today I participated in the Topps National Baseball Card Day. I found out about it just a few days ago via The set contains 50 cards with a chance to pull autographs. Card #50 is of Kris Bryant and is not found in the packs but can be obtained if you make a qualifying purchase of Topps products ($10 minimum).

I conveniently planned my wife's list of weekends errands around the two LCSs in town. She patiently obliged my proposal (bless her heart) to make the stops along the way and even went inside so I could get an extra pack! I had no idea what the turnout was going to be, so I arrived shortly after the shops opened. It seemed as though I was the only one who knew about the promotion. I entered the store and almost every customer was on the non-sports side. My wife and I asked about the free packs and the store owners walked over to a box loaded with packs. I then purchased a jumbo pack of 2016 Topps Chrome.

The next shop seemed to care even less about the promotion. I asked about it when I walked in and the store owner said he'll give me packs based on how much I buy (which I'm pretty sure he made up on the spot.) So I went over to his $1 bin and bought some vintage cards along with a jumbo pack of 2016 Topps Chrome. He handed me 4 packs of cards and I left.

Here's what I got!

Some vintage cards to add to my new vintage collection.

2016 Topps Chrome. I managed to pull an auto! The Youth Impact and Future Stars inserts are really colorful.

Some of the cards from the National Baseball Card Day set. Out of 6 packs I managed to NOT get Paul Goldschmidt. Yay...

And to top it off I got 2 Kris Bryant cards! Supposedly short printed? Not sure.

I hope you all had a chance to get to a participating LCS today for some free cards. Thanks for reading!


  1. If you're not collecting the set, I'd love a crack at trading for whatever you pulled. Shoot me an email at: Tim dot trisomenc at gmail dot com

    Congrats on the auto and thanks!