Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Error Or No Error?

I hit up the recent card show for the month of April and picked my way through a new nickel box. The seller is always at the show but this was the first time since the new year he showed up with his arsenal of baseball cards. This is obviously due to the fact the baseball season is under way. He is the one consistent seller at the show that keeps his table current with the seasons. All the other guys show up with the same stuff each month that everyone has already sifted through. They could use a lesson or two from this guy.

Now, on to the reason I'm writing this. I dug out a handful of 2012 Topps Heritage from this guy's box in a futile effort to build my set. When I returned home and began adding my new cards to my Zistle account, I noticed one card didn't quite fit in with the rest of them. Naturally, I began researching the variations and intentional errors Topps loves to include in Heritage. Nothing showed up for this particular card. 

Readers, please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe I have stumbled across a legitimate error from Topps, meaning this was not intentional. 

The card in question is shown below next to the errorless card. 

Notice anything? Of course not. It's because the error is on the back...

The card on the right is numbered 7 as it should be. The card on the left is numbered HP94 as though it were a chrome or chrome refractor, but it is not. 

Does anyone know why this is, or has anyone seen an error like this in their Heritage sets?

Let me know and thanks for reading!


  1. That's definitely numbered like the Chrome "parallel", and even has the different title style like HP93, omitting the NL. I don't know how Chrome cards are made exactly, maybe someone else does. But, if it's a regular card with some process that adds the chrome coating, it looks like maybe this card missed that process, as well as the /1963 (or /563 or /63) serial stamping.

    I'll be following this post hoping someone else has an answer, or some way of knowing you've got something exceptionally rare here.

  2. It's not a rarity. I was just reading about this in fact.

    The "HP" card is one of the black-bordered parallel cards that Heritage used to include 3-to-a-pack with the blister packs. For whatever reason, Topps didn't put a black border on the league leaders card so it looks like some crazy-numbered base card. All of the "HP94" cards are like this, I believe.

    I wondered about the same thing on a post of mine: http://nightowlcards.blogspot.com/2012/05/why-i-write.html

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  4. The "TM" on the back is also of a noticeably-different size.

  5. Errors are cool. But great detective work by fellow bloggers is even cooler. Good work Night Owl.

  6. The difference i noticed is printed on the front of the card, The card on the (Left) says Pitching Leaders and the card on the (Right) says NL Pitching leaders