Friday, March 11, 2016

Trader's Log: Chronicles of Fuji

Mark from The Chronicles of Fuji and I made a blind trade last month. While I love any and all packages from fellow traders, Mark really hit the nail on the head with this one. It's as if he knew exactly what I needed for my collection...

He had me at Heritage... it has quickly become my go-to set. Love the card quality, simple photography, and timeless designs. 

BOOM. These cards started tugging at my heartstrings. Childhood heros side by side in a semi-cool Topps insert set.

Double Whammy. Refractors of two pitchers I'm hoping can stay healthy throughout this season and make a solid impact for the team.

A card I actually didn't have of Goldy - Nice! I love SC but I wasn't too impressed with this insert set. Seemed kind of thrown together.

And to finish the PWE off...

I will never forget that day. I'm pretty sure my body was mirroring Gonzo's during this exact moment. Arms flailing in the air, screaming for joy, jumping higher than I've ever jumped.

Thanks for the cards, Mark!!

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  1. Glad the package arrived intact. Thanks for the trade!