Monday, March 28, 2016

Ebay Purchases: A Slew of Finleys

After committing to focusing on my PC of Steve Finley, my hunt for his cards began. I searched high and low, seeking out the relics and autos and found these for a pretty good deal:

This first card took nearly 6 weeks to get to me. I found it with an auction starting at $.99 and put a low bid in. No one else noticed the card (or cared to notice) so I won. After a week of no updated status on the shipment I messaged the seller and he claimed to be in a dispute with Ebay and would ship the card after the weekend. Considering I got it for less than a buck, I patiently waited. And waited. And waited some more. Finally after another two weeks I messaged him and the seller promised it would ship the next day. It didn't

It finally arrived after another few weeks (I really stopped caring at this point). I don't know if it was from the handling or the elevation change but the jersey "relic" was popping out of the card! I pushed it back in and it was fine.

Such a strange experience.

Moving on, I found another Finley relic, this time a patch!! I was so excited and I also won this one for $0.99. It arrived the next week and I immediately noticed the crease forming from the bottom left side of the patch all the way across the top right corner of the patch. This was NOT apparent in the picture on Ebay at all. I was pretty bummed, but after examining the card came to the conclusion that the patch itself was too thick for the card and eventually caused the crease. Oh well...

On a much lighter note, Jeff from WTSCWB sent me my very fist Steve Finley autograph card and inspired me to seek out another!

This one is numbered 18/25 and was listed at $9.99 OBO. I offered $4.50 knowing it had been sitting for quite a while and the seller accepted. I wasn't a fan of the funky retro look at first, but it's really grown on me. Plus the card stock is high quality and it's a very nice on card auto.

Now that I've got my fix of Finleys I'll be refocusing my hunt on some "modern" Dbacks cards.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Crease or not .99 is still a great deal. Congrats on the new additions.