Friday, February 19, 2016

How I Came Up With My Blog Title

Hello all, I haven't posted for a better part of a month, but there has been much activity behind the scenes! Card shows, LCS purchases, eBay purchases, and so many trades! Over the next two weeks I hope to catch up on all of my posts and thank everyone for their generous trades!

Today I'm going to talk about how I came up with my blog title. Some have speculated it was adopted from a Topps insert set "Cards My Mom Threw Out." I had actually never even heard of that set.

No, it came from a real life, traumatic experience when I was a young boy. 

I received my first baseball cards from my uncle when his family moved to a different neighborhood. It was probably in the range of about 800 cards, all in binders. My obsession with organizing things kicked in and I would sit at home, pull out all of the cards and organize them. First by team. Then by brand. Then I would pull them out all over again and resort them however it pleased me that week. It consumed me for hours at a time.

All of this occurred at the expense of the cleanliness of whichever room I chose to reorganize my collection.

One day I left for school with my cards spread out across the floor (I don't remember which room, probably my bedroom which I shared with 2 of my brothers) all in their respective piles. After school I came home and my piles had been thinned out. I ran to my mother in agony and she sternly told me that I had too many baseball cards and they needed to go. I was so upset. I remember going outside and looking into the trash can with cards spread across bags of trash. I dared not touch them with the fear of being grounded for "the rest of my life." 

Now, there were two specific cards that stuck out to me that day that got thrown out. I remember looking them up in my Beckett and seeing they held a lot of value (relatively speaking, for a 10 year old who had mostly 1990 and 1991 Score cards)

1985 Topps Mark McGwire #401

1990 Topps Nolan Ryan #2

Looking back, I knew my mother was doing what was best for me. I learned a valuable lesson not to attach myself to material things to the point of making them an idol in my life. I still have not re-added these cards to my collection, and maybe I never will.

Let me know about if you had any similar experiences with card loss!

Thanks for reading!


  1. This story just makes me sad. I'm sorry it happened to you, regardless of any post hoc life lessons you may have acquired.

    My dad had his cards stolen out of an old house that his family was using as storage. 1950s/1960s cards....including Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays.

  2. My wife might say I need the same lesson. Although, at one point I threw out many of my cards myself. All of you who are fed up with overproduced 90s crap can thank me for reducing the number of cards out there, I guess.

  3. I had it happen, but not for the same reason. I stole a friend's Jose Canseco rookie (I believe it was '86 Donruss), and my mother (a) made me give him some of my favorite cards as an apology, and (b) threw out a bunch of others as a punishment.

    That said, I've got 4 of those McGwire rookies if you're interested in finally moving forward with your life. :)

  4. I'm pretty lucky. I probably gave my mom 100 reasons to throw out my cards, but she never did. On the other hand... I had a large part of my collection stolen from my bedroom when I was in high school.

    P.S. Shipped out a PWE to you this morning. Sorry about the delay.

  5. Nice to see you back! I have another stack I'm setting aside for you. When it grows to a certain height I'll send it your way! Adam (addictionastherapyBLOG).

  6. I was with Fuji -- very lucky that my mom kept literally everything. It makes for a fun sort and hunt at her house for anything that might still be there.