Saturday, January 30, 2016

Trader's Log: Waiting 'til Next Year

A while back, P-Town Tom from Waiting 'til Next Year sent a package of cards in exchange for some Kerry Woods and other Cubbies (see post Here).

My relationship with Cubs fans was always an interesting one growing up. You usually saw them here and there around Phoenix during the winter months when all the snow birds from the Midwest nestled themselves in the warmth and beauty of the Arizona desert (seriously, if you haven't been to Phoenix between the months of February and March, you need to go there). But if you wanted to see them in mass, you had to wait until the Dbacks played a home series against the Cubs. In most cases (at least when I was a kid) the Cubs fans outnumbered the Dbacks fans in the stands!! It was pretty embarrassing, especially when the Cubs destroyed the Dbacks, but it also made for some fun games because there was always cheering in the stands no matter which team it was for.

Let's start off with some oddballs:

This is a cool Randy Johnson to add to my PC. I thought it was of him with the Yankees at first until I took a closer look at the hat and saw the rattlesnake. I need to find that hat.

I think this is a tattoo by Topps. This is a nice addition to my Team Logo/Sticker collection. 

I'm not sure yet how I feel about these cards. I like the concept of building a 9-card page to complete a picture of each player, but it doesn't quite appeal to me yet. Maybe that'll change down the road.

There aren't that many Craig Counsell parallel cards as a Dback, so this is a very nice addition. Gotta love his batting stance.

Also, whilst conducting an organization overhaul, I decided to build all of the Dbacks team sets with Topps Gold from each year. This will be one of my long term collecting goal (like 5-years long term) with the hope that I can someday have a Gold-themed team binder along with a Topps Red bordered binder and a purple refractor binder.

T-Lee! As the poster child of the inaugural Diamondbacks, I have naturally built a small PC of him. There are actually a ton of cards of him from 1998 since he represented the birth of the franchise.

Nice additions to my 2013 Heritage team set. 

At first, these cards seemed to plain to me, but now I'm excited to build this team set. The Luis Gonzalez Curtain Call Black is a new favorite in the Gonzo PC.

I thought Topps did a really good job with Topps 2000. A lot of people think the set design was lacking, but I really enjoy it.

Not really a prospect guy, but it is still fun to collect these. I don't know if Jon Griffin is still in the organization, but if he is he'll probably be stuck down there for a while as long as Goldy is on the team.

While Upton has long moved on, I still like to add to my collection of him. He was supposed to be the next Junior (yeah, right) just like Heyward was supposed to be (again, yeah right).

This is my first 2015 SC Diamondback. I can't wait to finish this team set. The photography is so awesome. 

And last but not least....


Thanks for the cards, Tom!


  1. I sure wouldn't mind if Heyward suddenly capitalized on that being the next Griffey mumbo jumbo! That Tom is one generous fellow.

  2. Wasn't sure how you felt about Shelby Miller, especially since he doesn't have any cardboard of him wearing Dbacks garb. Hope you didn't mind being Millered!
    Thanks for the trade!

  3. Miller's nasty enjoy, that said I need that Indicate card haha