Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Card Show Pickups Pt. 2 - Dbacks

Here's a quick recap of the Diamondbacks I snagged at the most recent card show I attended.

Dbacks cards a pretty hit-or-miss at shows in my experience. Other than Paul Goldschmidt and maybe Randy Johnson, sellers don't exactly pay attention to them or take the time to separate out Dbacks cards like they would the Braves, Red Sox, Yankees, Cubs, or Dodgers. It's also harder to track down a good selection of Dbacks simply because they have only been around since 1998. In a way, it makes the hunt more fun for me, but it can also be discouraging at times.

 I'll start off with my favorite Diamondback of all time, Steve Finley. It's always a victory in my book if I find a single card of Finley from a show. I think the reason his cards elude me so much is probably because he wasn't a superstar, so sellers don't bother putting his stuff out for sale. Luckily, I managed to find a whopping 4 cards, and I needed them all!

The Skybox Metal Xplosion card is actually made of metal! It's like a printing plate but heavier.

This pile of die cut/heritage chrome/refractor/tek/numbered goodness makes me feel like a giddy kid again. (Travis Lee sighting!)

I needed all of these for my collection and nabbed them for 10 cents a piece. It's funny, a couple of these cards like the Webb refractor and Stephen Drew RC Gold parallel were in top-loaders labeled with asking prices of $10 and $20! They'll obviously never sell for that amount again. (Another Travis Lee sighting!!)

The Bowman Brandon Drury RC caught me off guard when I pulled it. I had to take a closer look at it as I hadn't seen it before. It seemed off and after a few seconds I realized that Topps used a photo of Jake Lamb. I can't believe they're still making those mistakes. C'mon, Topps!!

Some of these I had never seen before, so it was fun to look them over and read the backs while I was at the show. The two Sherzer RCs were surprisingly picked out of dime boxes

And I'll finish off the Dbacks portion with cards of 2001 World Champions in their earlier/later playing days for other teams. The Mark Grace Fleer RC was nice to grab out of a 10 cent box.

Well that's it for now! I've got a few more card show posts, including the trade bait post, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Trader's Log: Scribbled Ink

I stumbled across Paul's "new blog", Scribbled Ink, not realizing it was THE Paul from Paul's TTM Autograph Blog until after I messaged him to make a trade for some of his trade bait I saw on his blog. He quickly responded, telling me he had been setting aside cards for me for a while now, but thought maybe I had left the blog scene since I hadn't posted in a long time. I never really left, I guess you could say I was always active by reading up on folks' blogs on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, my work this summer limited me from being able to do anything more than that.

To say Paul is a very generous trader is an understatement. I literally only asked for 3 cards from him and he sent me TWO packages, totaling over 200 cards! Let's take a look.

I have a fan! I'm a fan of your blog too, Paul. And the new name is also cool!

Starting off right away with a sizeable stack of 2017 Heritage to help chip away at the set. Man, what a big help that is!

An Ultimate Victory Insert!! That is actually the main card I spotted on Paul's trade bait page that prompted the trade. 

I love me some Heritage Chrome, especially if it's of Dbacks.

More Heritage and retro-style goodness!

Some awesome Randy Johnson cards. The circular card is really neat.

Lots of new Gonzo's for the PC!

No Dbacks trade package is complete without some Goldy's. I've been wanting that Franklin insert for some time now, and now it's finally in my collection.

Even though he only lasted two seasons with the Dbacks, Travis Lee has always been a fun player to collect. He was put into so many cool sets and has so many parallels, it's hard to ignore.

I'm digging the early FX parallels from UD.

Seeing double, and minis!

Some cool new Dbacks cards for the collection, including the Fire card of Shipley pitching out of a closing blackhole and into a parallel universe.

An amazing and untouchable pitcher in his short-lived prime, Brandon Webb, complimented by some X-Fractor technology. Put your shades on folks.

Fan favorite Eric Byrnes. Pro ballplayer turned ultramarathon runner. That dude's got a ton of energy.

Paul finished things off with a bunch of awesome and new Finley's for my super-collection. The Fleer Ultra card with Finley walking on the field with his son is one of my favorite cards (as noted by the collage at the top of my blog).

Thanks for the awesome trade, Paul!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Card Show Pickups Pt. 1 - The Inserts

I attended the Inside Pitch Card Show in Greensboro, NC this month and hit up just a few vendors' tables full of amazing deals. So amazing in fact, I came home with this...

What you see here completely goes against a previous post where I talked about refining my collection and focusing on quality over quantity.

However, I picked up a lot of these cards for other collectors, including a nice stack of oddball goodness for the person I have for this year's card-blogging Secret Santa put on by Matt of Bob Walk the Plank.

Since there are so many cards to sift through, the card show recap will be broken up into multiple posts.

Today's post covers some awesome insert sets!

The first wave represents sets I have been or am now actively collecting:

I came really close to giving up on the Chrome Gallery of Greats insert set. The set is pretty large and I want to focus on older sets, but I pulled these out of a 10 cent box, so no complaints! 

The Bowman Platinum Die Cut was also just 10 cents and I'm a huge sucker for die cuts as you will see here shortly. I've got the McCutchen already, so maybe I'll consider chasing the whole set, but we'll see.

These beauts popped out at me at the first table I hit up at the show. 6 of the cards came from a 50 cent or 5 for $2 bin while the last one showed up in a 10 cent box at another table. I wasn't originally collecting this set, but I am now!

Same story here at the 2000 Franchise inserts above. UD Ionic is one of the best Upper Deck products for insert sets, next to Ultimate Victory in my opinion.

Another insert set from UD Ionic that I will now be chasing. 

These came at a "premium" costing me a buck each. I'm definitely going to finish the Hit Machines set. I'm not so sure about the Lords of the Diamond Refractor set. Some of those cards can get pretty pricey. 

It's a good day when I can find inserts from Ultimate Victory. I was probably the most excited when I came across these. (The Stature insert is not from Ultimate Victory - I don't know why I included it in this photo.)

This last wave represents awesome inserts I'm still considering or that didn't quite make the cut:

I doubt I'll chase these, but they were just way too cool to pass up for 10 cents.

I actually did decide to stop pursuing this set because of the cost and supposed scarcity (according to COMC and eBay), but then I found all of these in a 10 cent box. The extra Sosa's will be in the card show trade bait post in the near future.

That Supernaturals from Mystique looks amazing in person. It's definitely high on the list for consideration. 

I had no idea the Cracked Ice look existed in the mid '90s. The Collector's Choice Crash the Game inserts are stunners. Don't think I'll be chasing that set though.

These cards make the "honorable mention" list, but don't quite make the cut. The Vladdy die cut was calling my name for only 50 cents. The rest came from 10 cent boxes. The E-Card concept is cool, but not enough for me to go after.

I already have a few cards from The Big Show set, but it's not one I'll actively chase. The eX cards aren't inserts, but I grabbed them because of the shine and acetate. 

Check out my Insert Wantlist page on the menu bar above and let me know if you want to make a trade!

Thanks for reading!